Saturday, December 5, 2009

MAN CITY ended their lengendary 7 consecutive draws!

with CRAIG BELLAMY DOWN INJURED against arsenal during quarterfinal carling cup clashes..
man city has come out with new formation against chelsea ..
and that is

well.... with the new formation from man city..
however chelsea managed to scored from within the long range..
thanks to adebayor who scored own goal against his own club.. ;d
adebayor buat muka tak bersalah! hahaks
but adebayor restored parity with a close range shot before half time!! WOW

carlos tevez, former man u player scored a beautiful goal from a free kick outside man u own penalty box in 58th minutes...!!!
chelsea also got their penalty to save themself from defeat to man city..
frank lampard shot weakly straight into shay given within 12 yards ma...
shay given saved the penalty!! lol.
and that's how man city ended their their 7 consecutive draws ...
this put man city in 6ixth place that is above liverpool ...
man u has to thanks man city for helping them reduce the range of points with chelsea!!!


  1. buto, bajet la, kau penyokong newcastle,newcastle jela oi, adoi.

  2. ahh..
    ko teruja lebih..
    o tengok wan rileks je..
    sekap arsenal, sekjap real madrid..
    tengok rileks je..
    aku takleh ke tukar kelab lain?