Thursday, February 5, 2009

kawan2 ku yang macam bagus je...

nie lar kami.
time muda2 dulu..
gila2 bayi2 je he..
agak2 yang gelap2 tu tau la sape.
nie masa baru nak belajar berjalan..
tengok aku..

15 tahun kemudian...
kawan2 paling gila aku pernah jumpa..
kadang2 main2 kan orang..
atau pun kena main.
tapi takpe best je...
dari kiri: ikram , aqeem, acalip, nazrul, zaim

takde dalam gambar: alwis , hafizat, ...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

im currently listening to........

Why is it that when a band of mediocre credentials rocks up, the record label blurb has to invent a whole new genre? As if the label of 'oddpop' is going to polish this same old rock dropping... Why not just label it 'bargain basement'? Oh yeah, that's right you wouldn’t be able to sell any records.

As it is, The Hoosiers are doing alright on that front, with first upbeat stomper single, ''Worried About Ray'', being catchy enough to linger, like a stinking cod behind the radiator, in the Top 10 for eight consecutive weeks. ''…Ray'' and ''Goodbye Mr A'' both contain the trademark Hoosier sound of choral harmonies, upbeat drums and resounding organ, which in some ways harks back to ELO and their ilk. And the swatchbook of references don’t end there. ''Worst Case Scenario'' is reminiscent of The Cure with vocalist Irwin Sparkes' Robert Smith-like vocals. This is not a bad record, but it’s all so very safe, fairly non-offensive stuff (think Keane and The Feeling), but it's funny how that, in itself, can wear thin three tracks in. With ''Run Rabbit Run'' unfortunately the band overstep the mark and try their hand at taking off Radiohead – not a chance lads, sorry.

Frontman Sparkes just loves to exercise his impressive falsetto at any opportunity and the one trick pony really begins to grate. The record keeps up its assault of semi-nauseating dad-pop just taking a breath long enough to change the pace for the love-struck ''Clinging On For Life'' but by then it's too late. There’s even a hidden track on the album to finish you off if you haven’t had enough already. In a word; ordinary.