Saturday, November 28, 2009

3 shopping malls in 9 hours 46 minutes 32 sec...

Dari klcc ....

ke PAViIiOn..
dari PAvILIon...

Ke AMPANG point?

hahaha ... penat weyh berjalan satu hari..

tapi best gak ar dapat shopping.. :D

Monday, November 23, 2009

i fall in love with HER! i mean IT!

the first time i saw her which is this morning...


im speechless and breathless..

instantly in my mind i said "i want her!"


i saw her in the jail waiting to be free.,,

she was so sad because there was nobody want to help her free..

there were some bodyguards who

without feeling any kind of danger at all..

i walked and spoke with the bodyguards..

they said.. if you want to free her.. you have to paid RM890..!

i said why?

she is multifunctional and well beautifull for her body "told one of the bodyguard who doesnt has body to guard with.".


then i pissed off..


i dont have any money

to help her free...

i walked off ...

and flied away?? ( common jokes)


maybe she is in the "jail" right now..sitting with her friends waiting for someone to help them...


another chance missed..

:O :D :P :d :E :S ;x :R

but i remebered her name and her face ...

haaa.. mesti korang nak tahu en?


her name is NOKIA 5800..